Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Is your vinyl siding in need of cleaning? You may have noticed spider webs, dirt, mold and mildew on your siding. If so, then you should definitely pressure wash it! Pressure washing- sometimes referred to as power washing – is a form of surface cleaning that uses highly pressurized water to make the cleaning process a highly efficient solution. A power washer is not just a fancy garden hose – it can emit as much as two thousand PSI of water pressure.

Using a power washer is the best way to clean vinyl siding, and it comes with a whole host of benefits. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the reasons why you should pressure wash your vinyl siding, the benefits that it offers to said vinyl siding, why hiring a professional pressure wash company is so beneficial and why hiring PressureWorks NW for your professional siding cleaning is the best way to go.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Vinyl Siding

There are many benefits to using a pressure washer for cleaning. For one, it can significantly improve the look of your home. If your vinyl siding is covered in dirt, mold, mildew, or other stains, then using a pressure washer will quickly and easily remove them, leaving your siding looking beautiful.

Vinyl siding can attract a number of unsightly elements from the surrounding environment that can cover up existing aesthetic elements or even alter their appearance. Using a pressure wash service is a simple solution to your aesthetic concerns because they will be able to efficiently rinse the dirt and grime from your siding.

Getting grime and stains out is often a priority for those seeking to clean their vinyl sidings. In addition to making your home look nicer, power washing will also protect your siding from further damage.

Mold, mildew, and algae can cause long-term damage to vinyl siding if left unchecked, but regular cleaning will prevent this from happening. In order to prevent damage, cleaning your home’s vinyl siding exterior is an important step.

Another benefit of power washing your vinyl siding is that it will increase its lifespan. This is, of course, related to the protection that we just discussed. Vinyl siding that is well-maintained can last for decades, but if it doesn’t receive a proper rinse on a regular basis, then it will start to degrade much sooner. But by power washing your siding at least once a year, you can greatly extend its lifespan.

Not to mention, keeping your siding clean will also save you money in the long run because you won’t have to replace it as often. And taking the steps to clean your vinyl siding with pressure washers is an excellent way to ensure its lifetime is extended.

Having clean vinyl siding can add value to your property. In fact, clean vinyl siding can add thousands of dollars of value to your home. If you have dirty vinyl siding you may be missing out on a significant amount of value as a homeowner. So why not give it a rinse?

Benefits of pressure washing your vinyl siding

Why Hire a Pressure Wash Contractor?

While you could rent a pressure washer wand and wash your siding yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional contractor to wash your vinyl siding for you instead. Power washing is not as easy as it looks, and if you’re not careful then you could end up damaging your vinyl siding or even injuring yourself. Plus, professional contractors have the experience and expertise necessary to get the job done right the first time—something that most homeowners lack. When you hire a professional contractor, you can rest assured knowing that your siding will be properly cleaned without any damage or accidents. Professionals have the knowledge, experience, and training to do the job right.

Professionals have great equipment

These people are pros at this and have the proper equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They will make sure to use a high-quality cleaning solution including things like a liquid grease remover. There are certain chemicals that, when making your own cleaning solution, can be dangerous to utilize on your house. Most pressure washers can be damaged by certain chemicals. When cleaning vinyl siding, you have to be quite specific with your solution. Using a cheaper cleaning solution like a soapy mixture is possible, but cleaning vinyl siding with a specific cleaning solution is preferable to household maintenance products followed by a quick rinse.

Why use a specific cleaning solution?

For example, using undiluted chlorine bleach in your pressure washer can damage it or damage the vinyl siding’s surface. General purpose cleaner is often not enough or even damaging. Professionals have specific cleaning solutions that they will use to accomplish the cleaning project.

Pressure issues

PressureWorks NW uses low pressure to wash as well. It is not as simple as pressing the on-button and spraying at eye level. You can’t just turn it on like a garden hose and start rinsing. In fact, it is so different from a garden hose that it has risks when using it! The pressure level used can damage your vinyl siding, thereby ruining your home’s exterior. Using a pressure washer straight on your home with no preparation in terms of the pressure used, you are likely to damage your vinyl or other parts of your home. It’s not worth risking damage to your property to get off dirt.

Hiring PressureWorks NW ensures that there won’t be a risk of damage from a faulty cleaning solution or overapplication of pressure in the pressure washer on your vinyl siding.

Saving time

Hiring a contractor relieves you of the time-consuming task of pressure washing your own home allowing you to save time and effort. It can take multiple days to clean your home with a washer and you might just end up cleaning a few inches at a time at eye level. Lastly, they will ensure that every aspect is done right; from getting the mold and mildew off to getting a deep clean in hard to reach spots. It takes a lot of work to clean siding with a pressure washer – not just including the actual spraying process.

A professional will be extra careful to prevent streaking on windows, ensuring no water damage to the actual house, and ensuring stains and dirt are not left behind. PressureWorks NW’s cleaners work with homeowners to help clean their siding regardless of the situation. If you’ve attempted to tackle the project yourself and found it to be too much, you can contact us to assist and finish the project. Whether you need a company to begin cleaning or end the project, we are the best choice for Portland vinyl siding cleaning.

How to Find the Right Portland Vinyl Siding Cleaner

If you are considering hiring a professional Portland pressure washer there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, consider only reputable cleaners with years of experience in the industry.

Second, make sure that the cleaners you are considering are fully insured and bonded.

Third, ask for references from past customers of these cleaners.

Fourth, look into the website yourself. A lot of information about its insurance status and customer testimonials can be found on its website.

And finally, be sure to get a written estimate before work begins. It is also important to compare quotes. It is best, however, not to cheap out on a washer company. The best cleaners to hire will be ones who give you the highest quality work within your budget range.

You make sure that these people understand how to clean vinyl in great detail as well as protect the paint of the home. Cleaning one surface while damaging another surface is obviously not something you want. Another surface to worry about is that of your windows. Your house needs to be respected.

As we are about to discuss, if you live in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area, PressureWorksNW is an excellent choice for pressure washing your vinyl siding. Their cleaners are able to clean vinyl siding as well as other pressure washer services and will help you regardless of your situation.

PressureWorksNW has years of experience, is fully insured and bonded, has dozens of references available on our website, and we would be happy to get you a quote as soon as possible. And if you hire us, we won’t quit until you have the cleanest vinyl siding in Portland.

Choosing PressureWorks NW Pressure Washers


With hundreds of happy customers and over fifty 5-Star reviews, PressureWorksNW is one of the best vinyl siding cleaners in the Pacific Northwest. PressureWorks NW is the right choice for Portland pressure washing.

We have years of experience with moss removal, driveway cleanup, roof washing, and of course house washing. In other words, they have a significant amount of skill in cleaning vinyl siding through their years of service in the Portland area.

By hiring a reputable company with years of experience, you can rest assured that your home will be properly cleaned without damaging your siding. PressureWorks NW uses soft wash chemicals to ensure that the paint on your home remains well protected.

In addition, the organic solvents we use are biodegradable. And we are insured and bonded. We have provided pressure Portland washing service for years, to hundreds of satisfied customers and we are 5 star rated, with over 55 reviews!

So if you’re looking for the best way to keep your vinyl siding clean in Portland, look no further than PressureWash NW! You can find all of the information and get a quote here. You will also find photos of our previous work creating beautifully clean vinyl siding in the Portland-Vancouver metro area. And let us make your home the best that it can be!